Simple Keep Fit Exercises to do at Home

Simple Flat Stomach Exercises - This page contains many exercises to get that flat stomach you always wanted.
Simple Leg Toning Exercises - Strengthen and tone those legs.
Simple Neck Toning Exercises - Strengthen and tone your neck muscles and relieve tension.
Simple Chest Toning Exercises - Exercises to firm and tone your chest.

The above keep fit routines will keep your body toned and healthy. They target the stomach, the legs, the neck and the chest. You do not need to buy an expensive gym membership, or invest large quantities of cash, the workout routines are simple and easy to learn.

Before you start with any new fitness or exercise program it may be wise to consult a doctor first. If you believe that you have no problems then it is probably fine to start exercising.

You should make an appointment with your doctor if you have any of the following:-

You're over 65
You're currently leading a sedentary lifestyle
You have heart problems
You have high blood pressure
You're pregnant
You're recovering from any illness or injury
You have any medical condition
You have chest pains or any other types of pains
You are taking medication
The best thing to do is use your own judgement. If you should feel any type of strange pain after you have exercised, then get to the doctor and sort it out.

Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

It's not easy to motivate yourself when exercising. You feel okay for a few days but then your body begins to ache and rebel making it very easy to lax back into your old bad habits.

Here are a list of some great tips to help motivate yourself:

Find Exercises You Like - Make sure that your exercise routines comprise a good number of exercises that you really enjoy. If your exercise routine becomes too arduous or boring then you are less likely to keep it up.

Keep a Log - Write down and keep a log of your exercise routines. Write down measurements such as waist size, weight e.t.c. It's amazing how this will motivate you.

Mix Up your Routine - Try to keep your exercise routine fresh. If you never change it around from time to time then you are going to get bored with it very quickly. Try adding new exercises, or do them in a different location.

Use the Mirror - Look at yourself naked in a full-length mirror. When you see your body changing, which it will, your motivation levels will ascend.

Have a Goal - Try to think of a goal that you want to achieve. Is the goal seeing those abs develop? When you reach a goal, set a new one.

Get a Workout Buddy - If you introduce the component of a friend to exercise along with you then a whole new kind of pressure is on you. Peer pressure can be a great motivating force.

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